Bad Credit? No Problem Says Everett Dan Keller Mortgage Advisor...

I recently had a chance to sit down with Everett Mortgage and Credit Advisor Dan Keller, and seeing what this guy has done to help fix people's credit is literally like watching a cow hang with the dolphins.  Dan Keller recognized as one of Seattle Area's Top Mortgage Professionals has helped hundreds of people improve their credit rating by understanding the underlying factors that make up a credit score as well as completely understanding our rights as consumers.  You've gotta check out this short 5 minute video that he put together on credit, it will shock you!  You can visit his site by going to

What gives me the confidence to refer my clients to Dan and his team is his ability to educate my buyers and sellers on credit, financial planning, and most importantly, helping them choose the best mortgage that meets their short and long term finanical goals.  Dan says, The rules of credit and mortgage have changed.  What worked a year ago, may not work today. Furthermore, with all of the changes in our economy, the credit scoring model has shifted.  With that in mind, whether you have missed the mark on credit or have an 800 credit score, each person needs to be educated on the new rules of credit moving forward. That is why I conduct a Pre-Mortgage Credit Analysis with all of my clients prior to entering into a loan applicaiton."

I highly recommend talking to Dan Keller.  He offers a FREE Credit Analysis and you will leave enlightend after meeting with him, I guarantee it!.  To see more on Dan Keller, you can visit his website at or email him directly at 

I hope that you have found this blog entry valuable, I sure have!  Enjoy this amazing summer we are having and I hope to see you around!