Lake Goodwin Real Estate For Sale - Featured Home of the Week

I am super excited to blog about this home because (a) it's my listing, and (b) it's priced so HOT it will sell fast!  This is the perfect time to be marketing this fun and exciting home for sale as it has it's own private beach and gated community park.  You've gotta check out this home and the beach rights that come with it... one word - UNREAL!  For the price, this home is in my opinion, the best deal on Lake Goodwin Real Estate right now.
If you would like more information on this Lake Goodwin Home For Sale or find out more information on my 20 Point Marketing Plan that I used to strategically sell my listings online, you may contact me directly at (425) 343-5040 or via e-mail at 

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Get $10,000 Toward Your Down Payment By Attending A Homebuyer Class

I just found out about this program, but this is absolutely amazing!  If you make less than $90,000 per year, are a first time homebuyer, and have a credit score above 580, then you can attend a Homebuyer Education Class Through the Washington State Housing Finanace Commission to receive a certificate in the amount of $10,000 to be used toward a down payment on a home.  Next Saturday, August 28. Dan Keller, Seattle Area Mortgage Advisor is hosting a Homebuyer Education Class sponsored by the Washington State House Key State Bond Program.  Don't worry, if you happen to miss this class, Dan offers a Homebuyer Education Class once a month!

Each student will leave the course as a certified House Key Homebuyer, and will be eligble to use the Washington State House Key State Bond Program to assist with their down payment and/or closing costs. More so, House Key has a few new programs that homebuyers can look into. For example, the A New Home For You Program is a fixed rate, 30-year loan program specific for purchasing new construciton. A great loan program and option as we continue to see new homes being built in the Everett area.

Each student that attends Dan Keller's House Key State Bond Homebuyer Education Seminar will get a FREE Pre-Mortgage Credit Analysis as well as a complimentary lunch.

For more information on registering for a FREE House Key Course with Dan Keller, please e-mail Dan at

REGISTER NOW - August 28, 2010

How Do I Know If It Is Better to Rent or Own In This Economy? A Fresh Look:

Once again, I was at a meeting with a couple of Realtors and Dan Keller, Everett Mortgage Advisor and we were discussing how to answer the question, "Is now a good time to buy, or should I continue to wait?"  I learned that whether renting is better than buying depends on many factors, particularly how fast prices and rents rise, how long you plan to stay in your home, and most importantly, evaluating the cost of renting vs. buying in “your” particular community.

According to Trulia, the cross-over point is about 15 times annual rent, the company believes. In other words, as a rough rule of thumb, homes are probably fairly valued in a city when they cost about 15 times a year's rent.

So, for example, if you're paying $10,000 a year to rent a place, think twice about buying a home that costs more than $150,000. Dean Baker, economist at the Washington, D.C. Think-tank The Center for Economic and Policy Research, came to a similar conclusion in research on the subject in recent years. “Fifteen times is the historic average”, he said.

CLICK HERE To Download A Full Size Copy of the Rent v Own Flyer
Looking at the numbers above, the total mortgage pmnt on a $200,000 FHA purchase is $1,337/mo (that includes principle, interest, PMI, taxes, and insurance. Compared to $1,100/mo rent, it’s more expensive, but don’t forget to look at the tax breaks from owning (interest and property tax write-offs). The bottom line, at $200,000, it makes sense to buy. A savings of over $119,000 over 12 years versus renting! Plus, rent will go up with inflation, your 30-yr fixed mortgage is fixed and more money over time goes straight to paying down your mortgage. Contact me for more information or to request a personalized mortgage planning analysis with Dan Keller, he can be reached at the address below:

Dan Keller, Mortgage Advisor
(425) 350-7136

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Bad Credit? No Problem Says Everett Dan Keller Mortgage Advisor...

I recently had a chance to sit down with Everett Mortgage and Credit Advisor Dan Keller, and seeing what this guy has done to help fix people's credit is literally like watching a cow hang with the dolphins.  Dan Keller recognized as one of Seattle Area's Top Mortgage Professionals has helped hundreds of people improve their credit rating by understanding the underlying factors that make up a credit score as well as completely understanding our rights as consumers.  You've gotta check out this short 5 minute video that he put together on credit, it will shock you!  You can visit his site by going to

What gives me the confidence to refer my clients to Dan and his team is his ability to educate my buyers and sellers on credit, financial planning, and most importantly, helping them choose the best mortgage that meets their short and long term finanical goals.  Dan says, The rules of credit and mortgage have changed.  What worked a year ago, may not work today. Furthermore, with all of the changes in our economy, the credit scoring model has shifted.  With that in mind, whether you have missed the mark on credit or have an 800 credit score, each person needs to be educated on the new rules of credit moving forward. That is why I conduct a Pre-Mortgage Credit Analysis with all of my clients prior to entering into a loan applicaiton."

I highly recommend talking to Dan Keller.  He offers a FREE Credit Analysis and you will leave enlightend after meeting with him, I guarantee it!.  To see more on Dan Keller, you can visit his website at or email him directly at 

I hope that you have found this blog entry valuable, I sure have!  Enjoy this amazing summer we are having and I hope to see you around!